In its ‘heyday’ as one of the finest hotels in the city, the opulent Briarcliff Hotel was host to many high-profile guests, including Al Capone. Built by Asa Candler, Jr. in 1925, the beautiful facility at the corner of Ponce de Leon and N. Highland Avenues was a crown jewel of the Virginia Highlands for many years.

During the 1980’s, the renamed Briarcliff Summit was converted to affordable housing units but allowed to fall into tremendous disrepair by previous owners. When Evergreen Partners acquired the property in 2012, they committed to restoring the architectural gem, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Most importantly, Evergreen wanted to ensure that Briarcliff Summit remained a stable and high quality source of affordable housing for the elderly in Atlanta for years to come. They employed the services of The Architectural Team to design this rebirth, and The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company was brought on to bring the plan to life.

Last fall, the 18-month long project began and is approximately 90% complete. The 201-unit building, which is roughly 90% occupied, is being renovated one floor at a time to minimize the impact on current residents. In addition to new Energy Star appliances, cabinets, countertops, lighting, flooring, doors and window coverings, central air conditioning is being installed – an enormous improvement from the previous window units. Additionally, a wellness center is being added, along with a fitness center, 9-workstation computer room, and inviting new common area with a flat screen TV and ping-pong tables. Even though modern new conveniences are being introduced, the team has painstakingly worked to restore beautiful original tile and marble flooring in several areas to help preserve the original grandeur of the structure.

According to Annie Copeland, Property Manager for Briarcliff Summit, some residents have been moved to tears when they’ve seen their new apartment for the first time. Many have called Briarcliff Summit home for 20 years, so the much needed upgrades are very welcome and much appreciated.

At Whiting-Turner, we delight in helping fulfill your vision, especially when we get to work with clients who are equally passionate about their projects, such as Evergreen Partners. If we can help you turn your vision into reality, give us a call.