Testimony of The Institute for Responsible Housing PreservationBrian Poulin

June 19, 2008: Brian Poulin, speaking on behalf of Evergreen Partners and as President of the Institute for Responsible Housing Preservation, testified today before the Financial Services Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives on the importance of affordable housing preservation, and the role that Federal legislation can play in continuing this important work. Specifically, he focused on the benefits that could come from applying the lessons of the 236 decoupling program, so that non-236 affordable properties could enjoy the same renewal and revitalization that has come to the 236 portfolio.

"We all know that it is much less expensive to preserve an existing asset than to build a new one. We think HUD should be embracing the Section 236 success story, and apply the same preservation tools to other portfolios," said Poulin. The committee, chaired by Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts, is considering legislation that would accomplish many of these goals. For the rest of Brian Poulin's testimony, please click here.