Congressman Elijah E. Cummings Proudly Representing Maryland's 7th District

Another Step in Baltimore's Renaissance

Remarks at Grand Opening of Waters Tower Project, Baltimore, Maryland

Thank you Mr. Tsien for your kind words of introduction and for all that you are doing to uplift people's lives.

I am honored to be here today to celebrate another step in the rebuilding of Baltimore's neighborhoods.

I am delighted to join Mayor O'Malley for this celebration, a man who is committed to the redevelopment of Baltimore City.

Today is a tremendous day.

It is an important day in the redevelopment of Baltimore as a safe, affordable, and livable community.

I applaud Freddie Mac for taking on the Waters Tower project to enhance the quality of life for hundreds of Baltimore City residents.

I also want to commend the other partners who helped bring this project to fruition:

  • The Wishcamper Group of Portland, Maine who served as general partner and developer for the project.
  • The Maryland Community Development Association for its $7.57 million commitment through tax-exempt bonds.
  • And AIG SunAmerica for helping to finance the renovations of Waters Tower by purchasing the low-income housing tax-credits through one of its syndicated tax-credit funds.

Waters Tower is a great example of how citizens benefit when public and private entities work together toward a common goal.

I want you all to know that I along with Senators Barbara Mikulski, and Paul Sarbanes and the entire Maryland Delegation will continue to work on a bi-partisan basis to make sure the federal government plays its role in helping to rebuild our neighborhoods.

We will continue to fight for the expansion of available housing by maintaining funding for housing support under Section 8 and by reducing the rates under the Section 236 Interest Reduction Payments program.

We are working hard to provide better housing opportunities for all people of the state and especially seniors and the disabled. Every one of us deserves a decent quality of life, no matter what our circumstance. We all deserve to live in a place that we can be proud to call home. And now, for more than 200 Baltimore residents, that place is Waters Tower.

That's why this project is a success story.

It is wonderful to see community development companies working side by side with developers, financers, and government agencies in making affordable housing available to families of low and moderate incomes. By rebuilding Waters Tower, you are rebuilding lives. You are breathing new life into this neighborhood by renewing a spirit of community.

With one step at a time, East Baltimore is being transformed. And this project is one example of that transformation.

Remember ladies and gentlemen, we are all partners in this life, and our vision of America depends on opportunity, independence, and dignity for all.

Congratulations on this outstanding effort and thank you.