Cumberland Court Apartments

Cumberland Court Apartments was built in 1974 under the HUD Section 236 Program. The property has 108-units serving families and includes a mix of 24 one bedroom units, 72 two bedroom units and 12 three bedroom units. 100% of the units are committed to serving low income families, 87 of which are covered by project-based Section 8 vouchers provided by the Harrisburg Housing Authority. The Housing Authority was instrumental in helping Evergreen convert the pre-existing RAP contract into a Project Based Voucher contract.  Evergreen Partners acquired the property in December 2011 and immediately implemented a substantial renovations program. The renovation plan substantially improved the physical condition of the property, modernizing the units and updating the building's major components such as the roof, windows and heating/cooling systems. The improvements to Cumberland Court also included the addition of new community building. The new community building will include a large community meeting area, neighborhood policing office and computer learning center. The primary source of financing for the renovation of Cumberland Court is provided by equity raised from the sale of 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credits to Wells Fargo Affordable Housing Community Development Corporation. The renovation of Cumberland Court Apartments will make it one of the finest rental complexes in downtown Harrisburg and will ensure the property continues to operate as high quality source of affordable housing for many years to come.

Cumberland Court Apartments
500 Cumberland Court
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Phone: (717) 695-4209

Office Hours: 9:00 am-5 pm

Preservation Transaction Description

Equity Financing: Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency provided an allocation of 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credits which were purchased by Wells Fargo Affordable Housing Community Development Corporation.

HUD Section 8 Contract Renewal: Conversion of RAP contract to Project Based Section 8 for most of the apartments at the property.

Property Rehabilitation Scope

Approximately $4.5 million was spent on the renovations at Cumberland Court Apartments:

  • New kitchen cabinets, fixtures, countertops and appliances
  • New bathroom vanity, fixtures and lavatory
  • New flooring throughout the units and common space
  • New HVAC and water heating systems
  • New windows and roof
  • New community building
  • New security cameras and site lighting

Development Partners

Allocating Agency
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

Local HUD Office
HUD Philadelphia

City of Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Local Housing Authority
Harrisburg Housing Authority

Equity Investor
Wells Fargo Affordable Housing Community Development Corporation

Leagal Counsel
High Swartz

The Architectural Team, Inc.

General Contractor
Whiting Turner